Friday, 18 July 2014

All Day Donuts - Brunswick

Ever wondered where Melbourne's food trucks disappear to at the end of the day? A modern day Bat-cave perhaps? Hidden under an inner-suburban Wayne Manor? Well wonder no more! 12 Edward Street, Brunswick: that is the location. And Melbourne's Bruce Wayne? He goes by the name of Raph Rashid, the man behind Beatbox Kitchen and the Taco Truck. The food trucks take up residence out the back, whilst the front section of the warehouse has been turned into a small cafe/eatery called All Day Donuts.

Why do you care? Well, presumably you're reading this because you're heavily into Melbourne's culinary scene...either that, or you're one of my workmates who I've cajoled into reading my write-ups for my own egotistical purposes - apologies in advance to Caucasian Dr Dre, that's pretty much directed solely at you buddy. However, assuming you fit into the former category, you'll know that Melbournians - heck, Australians in general - have got a passion for donuts that puts even Homer Simpson to shame! Remember the lines around the city block when Krispy Kreme opened their first Melbourne store on Collins St nearly eight years ago? Or the lines of people camping out two days in advance for the opening of Adelaide's first Krispy Kreme just this week? No dig at South Australia intended...well, maybe a little. Krispy Kreme is sooo 2007!

Rashid was ahead of the game when his first Beatbox Kitchen truck pulled in at the top of Rathdowne Street, Carlton North, some five years ago. In my eyes, this is the guy pretty much responsible for the proliferation of food trucks in this city, and we should be thankful for that. Judging by the tremendous comings and goings at All Day Donuts last Saturday, he's backed another winner. The donut selection on the day I attended was limited to five options, but they posed more than enough challenges for the indecisive amongst us. My personal favourite was the Lime Brulee, packed with citrus custard and offset by the scorched glaze on top. I also sampled the Coffee Glaze, filled with passionfruit curd, and the Rose Cream. The options here are a little more flamboyant than at your local 7-11/Krispy Kreme, and tastier too. Care - as opposed to copious amounts have sugar - has been packed into these donuts to create an interesting array of flavours. That being said, I have one major gripe with this place. Yes, the donuts are great, and I haven't even mentioned yet the bubbly, sociable staff stationed at the counter. But here's the thing: when I order two donuts and hand over a hard-earned speckled hen, I expect either some change or a foot rub. On this occasion, I received neither. Maybe hipster chic means you can charge $5 for a donut, and truthfully, based on the business they were doing and the impending liquor license and expansion of business hours, I can't see All Day Donuts struggling for popularity any time soon. That being said, given the glut of quality cake and pastry shops in the area - Balha's, Trivelli, and Sugardough, to name a few - I feel it is a little too exorbitant for what it is. Perhaps more of a 'once in a while' place...actually, until I crack it in Hollywood and make the big bucks, better make that 'once in a loooong while'.

The selection at All Day Donuts

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  1. Michael is walking the streets of Brunswick hunting this place down right now - I'll be interested to see what flavours he brings home! Fingers crossed for a Lime Brulee. ;-)